We Build Games & Apps
Our passionate team of wizards strives to stay on the cutting edge of technology trends and build some neat things! We specialize in casual and mobile games and elegantly simple utilities aimed at making everyday tasks easier.

We're currently in Beta but stay tuned and learn more about several exciting upcoming product launches!

Technology Laboratory
Driven by innovation, our team of mad scientists hatches plans for world domination on a daily basis - or at least after a hearty lunch! We also dabble in producing some really cool stuff in Flash (web based games) and both iOS/Android for Mobile/Tablet markets.

Appenity also focuses on cool desktop based utilities for both Windows and Mac platforms generally aimed at bridging the gap between on and offline and making everyday tasks fun, interesting, and more efficient.

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Do you use our products and have any suggestions or feedback for us? Or perhaps you'd like to get more information or talk to us about working together? Whatever the reason, we'd love to hear from you! To contact us, please click the button below.
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